About Trean Insurance Group

Decades of Experience & Custom Solutions

Trean Insurance Group, Inc. (pronounced “Trē – on”) offers a full suite of insurance and reinsurance services. In 1996, Trean’s management team left a large, publicly traded reinsurance broker with the goal of delivering innovative solutions to the insurance market. Over time, Trean has developed into a uniquely integrated group of companies who work toward the shared purpose of providing insurance management services, consulting, and reinsurance placement services to its valued partners. Trean Insurance Group is the ultimate parent of the following companies:

7710 Insurance Company’s singular focus is on providing superior workers’ compensation insurance for fire and emergency services operations. Through independent retail agents across the country, we provide a unique value proposition, based on our expertise in loss prevention and cost containment. To learn more visit the 7710 Insurance Company website.

American Liberty Insurance Company is a Utah-domiciled stock insurer licensed in 39 states. American Liberty, through an affiliated managing general agent, offers workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance produced through independent retail and wholesale agencies. American Liberty is rated “A” (Excellent) with a stable outlook by A.M. Best. Visit American Liberty’s website to learn more.

Benchmark Administrators, LLC is a claims third-party administrator (“TPA”) providing workers’ compensation and employers’ liability claims handling services for affiliated and unaffiliated insurers. Headquartered in Ontario, CA, Benchmark Administrators specializes in workers’ compensation and employers’ liability claims. Its unique, outcome-based philosophy is to provide an injured employee with high-quality medical care as quickly as possible in order to reduce pain, accelerate healing, and lead to a faster and more complete recovery. Visit Benchmark Administrators’ website to learn more.

Benchmark Insurance Company is a multi-line stock insurer admitted in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Benchmark is domiciled in Kansas and commercially domiciled in California. Benchmark provides admitted insurance products and services focused on specialty casualty lines as a full-service issuing carrier for insurance organizations who need a broadly licensed and well-capitalized insurer to better distribute their product. Benchmark is rated “A” (Excellent) with a stable outlook by A.M. Best. Visit Benchmark’s website to learn more.

Benchmark Specialty Insurance Company is an excess and surplus lines company, authorized to write business across the country. Benchmark Specialty is domiciled in Arkansas and provides non-admitted insurance products, focusing on specialty casualty lines and other hard to place business. Benchmark Specialty is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Trean Corporation is responsible for the administrative oversight and day-to-day operations of American Liberty Insurance Company and Benchmark Insurance Company which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Trean Insurance Group. Trean Corporation is also responsible for the administrative oversight and day-to-day operations of several unaffiliated third-party insurers. Visit Trean Corporation's website to learn more.

Trean Reinsurance Services, LLC is a reinsurance intermediary licensed throughout the United States. Trean Re is dedicated to the design and placement of reinsurance programs for small- to medium-sized specialty insurers, captives, risk retention groups, managing general agents, specialty/program divisions of insurance companies, pools, trusts, reciprocals, and exchanges. Visit Trean Re’s website to learn more.

Westcap Insurance Services, LLC is a managing general agent, specialty program manager, claims administrator, and affiliated program partner of Benchmark Insurance Company. Westcap is dedicated to meeting the general liability insurance needs of contractors and building materials distributors and manufacturers. Visit Westcap’s website to learn more.